[Hainan] Wuzhishan nanshang town culture and tourism demonst


      On June 6, 2019, our company signed an overall planning contract with Wuzhishan Ninghai Investment Co., Ltd. for the cultural and tourism demonstration zone project in nanshang Town, Hainan Province. In the middle of the year, the investigation team of the project flew to Hainan to carry out a three-day exploration and field investigation. The team is composed of four members, I Nengwu, chairman of Aiken, Yang Leilei, director of planning, Xu Renren, deputy manager of design department, and Li Di, researcher of strategic culture.


During the investigation, accompanied by the person in charge of Party A, Aiken team made a field survey of the project site, fully understanding the topography, natural landscape and local conditions. And successively inspected Wuzhishan scenic spot, red canyon rafting and other surrounding scenic spots and market related competitive products around the project. In the connection with the competent departments of the government, the culture and Tourism Bureau of Wuzhishan City, natural resources (land + planning) department, agriculture bureau and relevant experts of Nanyang pharmaceutical were interviewed, which laid a solid foundation for the follow-up of the project.