[ICOM] new culture and tourism industry summit was successfu


      Culture and tourism come together, culture is the soul of tourism, and human resources are the core resources of tourism. Since the establishment of the Ministry of culture and tourism in March 2018, "integration of culture and tourism" has become a hot spot at present, with a market of nearly 6 trillion yuan, becoming a major play of all provinces and cities.


"Poetry and distance" is beautiful, but the merger of the Ministry of culture and tourism has also brought difficulties to the reform and development of the management organization, and the management of the culture and tourism industry will also face new challenges. In order to help governments at all levels and cultural and tourism developers to solve the problems encountered in the project development process, on May 25-26, 2019, Shenzhen icom consulting agency, together with a number of well-known cultural and tourism investment, development and listing enterprises and industry institutions, successfully held the 2019 new cultural and Tourism Industry Summit in Shenzhen Dameisha international water sports center.


     The purpose of the summit is to integrate various resources, combine the industrial situation, better promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, promote the connection between cultural tourism and social and economic development, better play the role of capital, science and technology, culture, etc., and expand new ideas for industrial development.

Relevant leaders of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese town culture and Tourism Technology Co., Ltd., China Tourism Industry Fund Management Co., Ltd., Jianyi group, Lingnan Co., Ltd. and global vertical and horizontal culture and Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. attended the summit. Leaders of domestic culture and tourism development enterprises, government culture and tourism development authorities, investment and financing institutions, culture and tourism suppliers and other relevant units also participated in the summit.



    Focusing on the theme of "new culture, new tourism and new technology", the summit set up five special links, i.e. tourism industry trend prediction, overall operation idea and operation analysis of ancient town, building IP core competitiveness of cultural tourism industry, cultural tourism + technology product release and round table meeting. The whole summit focused on key topics, accurately controlled resources, emphasized the integration of knowledge and practice, industrial interaction, and combined with the integrated development achievements of culture + tourism + science and technology to expand new ideas for industrial development.

The experts invited to share are rich in practical experience. In combination with industry development and practical cases, new ideas are put forward to explore the deep integration development of culture + tourism + science and technology.




     At present, China's tourism industry is entering the stage of popularization, quality and internationalization. It is becoming a new pillar industry in China. Cultural, tourism, holiday and other spiritual consumption are further becoming the mainstream trend. Tourism and holiday resource-based cities are transforming and upgrading from "sightseeing tourism" to "leisure and holiday destination", which has scientific planning, functional combination, high added value and high value. Investment and other characteristics, the development prospects are broad.



      At the same time, under the background of the Internet + era, how to scientifically analyze and make decisions on the whole industry chain, resources integration and docking, avoiding investment bubble and risk, and ensuring the success of the project investment are also becoming the problems that must be solved in the transformation of Wen and tourism. To build a high-end practical platform of tourism + capital + Project + Design + operation in the whole industrial chain will effectively promote the healthy and sound development of China's cultural and tourism investment.

      Through the guest speech, brand display, resource promotion and so on, participants have expressed that through the discussion and exchange activities, they have broadened their horizons, increased their insights, and clarified their ideas, which has important guidance and reference significance for their own cultural and tourism projects.












      In the 2019 new culture and tourism industry summit, the actual battle shows strength, the experience shows real knowledge, the sharing of core content and the docking of rich resources, to make greater contribution to each participating enterprise and brand's next big plan.