[ICOM] ICOM was invited to attend the Symposium of tourism p


In order to promote the scientific, standardized and institutionalized work of cultural and tourism planning, give full play to the important role of planning in cultural and tourism development, and further enhance the compliance awareness of tourism planning and design units, Guangdong Association of tourism planning and marketing held a symposium on tourism planning and design member units on June 20, 2019.

The meeting summarized and reviewed the work of the association since its establishment, conveyed and studied the measures for the administration of culture and tourism planning (hereinafter referred to as the measures) issued by the Ministry of culture and tourism, and listened to the suggestions of the member units on the promotion, review and identification of the qualification level of tourism planning and design units under the new situation.

At the meeting, Shenzhen icom, from a professional perspective, made comments on the impact and guiding significance of the measures on the tourism planning industry. The representative of Shenzhen icom suggested that we should attach great importance to the requirements in the measuresthat the cultural and tourism planning should be connected with the overall land use planning and other plans, and take the "planning connection and multi compliance" as an important working criterion for carrying out the tourism planning business in the future; take the implementation of the planning as an important starting point for the planning work, and do a good job in the basic investigation. , data collection and subject research, and scientific demonstration of projects and projects.

In general, the issuance and implementation of the measures will play a positive and pragmatic role in promoting the development of the culture and tourism planning industry, and will also effectively promote the planning and design units to further improve the planning level, strengthen their own construction, and contribute wisdom and strength to the integrated development of culture and Tourism.