Overview of issues related to tourism investment


When doing tourism investment, first analyze and evaluate the advantages of the tourism target to be invested in the industry, because tourism investment is a highly professional industry investment, it not only needs professional investment technology, but also has professional experience in tourism project management. 

Successful tourism investment requires investors engaged in tourism investment to have a comprehensive assessment of their tourism projects, and each aspect of tourism investment must have a clear concept, including input and output analysis, in policy and future operations. , repeated measurement and financial evaluation.

In the actual operation process, some customers invested nearly ten million at a time, but they still had no effect. The infrastructure was built up, and the package came out. There was no customer, the funds were returned, the brand effect was not expected, and the result was not even before. The number of tourists was still small. Later, I analyzed that visitors felt that the scenic spots must have come in and not to play in the infrastructure. They chose new tourist spots. The owner wants to be in one step. I know that the two-year investment has not only affected the arrival of tourists, but also the brand promotion has been delayed for two years. I suggest that the owners should invest in the construction in phases and in stages, and then the cash flow and the brand will have a profit. Integrate projects under construction and built.

In addition, at the beginning of investor investment, it is necessary to locate its own investment model. What kind of model is suitable for its own tourism investment project, is it a model of all its own capital investment, or a mode of investment in project operation? Is it a single product investment model or a composite product investment model? Is it a high volume and low price model? Still a high price and low volume mode? Is it a mode of operating while investing, or is it a mode of operation after the investment is completed? Give yourself a clear positioning, which is convenient for the later operation to set the tone.

In addition, you can also find a professional tourism planning company to do a "tourism investment feasibility study report", involving investment projects investment plans, tourism investment project feasibility study report, business plan, tourism investment project investment Financial analysis, risk assessment, response plan, etc. of output. On the basis of a full understanding of the evaluation project, investment and financing will be obvious. Then decide how to plan operations.

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