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       In the decades of China's tourism development, the years ending with 9 represent the revolutionary changes of tourism. What will happen in 2019 this year? Shenzhen Aiken will bring the development trend of China's tourism in this year and next two years from 8 negative forecasts + 10 positive forecasts.


Liu Feng

President of ICOM Culture & Tourism Consulting

Good at project creative R & D, strategic positioning and strategic research

With many years of mature project operation and team organization experience, he has presided over and participated in many scenic spots, resorts, city and county tourism master planning, tourism development planning and other projects.



I. eight negative predictions


            1. Gradually obvious degradation of tourism consumption

             2. The growth of the number of tourists slows down
             3. The growth rate of overseas travel has been narrowed, and the growth rate of medium and short-term travel has increased slightly
             4. Decline in industry profit margin
             5. Acceleration of brand shuffling in tourism industry
              6. The construction of smart scenic spots is progressing slowly

            7. There is no substantial progress in tourism construction in the whole region

              8. The popularity of tourism investment rises and falls


            2. Top 10 positive forecasts


            1. Tourism is the leading force of the whole market

              2. The proportion of family self driving tour is increasing
              3. Health care tourism and rural tourism are hot spots throughout the year
              4. Small and fine quality scenic spots constantly appear
              5. Natural and ecological tourism products are more popular
              6. Research, study and tourism become a stream
              7. Tourism investment is more rational and resource investment is dominant
              8. Tourism along the high-speed railway keeps hot
              9. A series of tourism supporting policies have been issued to release policy dividend
              10. Science and technology enable the tourism industry to have more and more science and technology

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