Sam Tang Deputy General Manager

Good at resource integration, marketing promotion, business model design

Ten years of domestic first-class consulting company experience, during the negotiation and docking hundreds of different types of tourism development projects, have a deep understanding of market development trends, customer project appeals; have excellent affinity and communication skills, good at coordinating the handling of business work A variety of problems; accumulated a large number of upstream and downstream supplier resources for tourism project development. Projects I participated in: Wanda Group Wanda City Project (Chengdu, Chongqing, Guilin, Xiamen, Jinan) Feasibility Study, COFCO Hainan Yalong Bay Project, Chengdu Blu-ray Animation Industry City Project, Marine Pastoral Tourist Area Reporting 4A Level Scenic Spot Project, Kunmingzi Junshan Leisure Sports Park Project, Jimei Group Philippines Clark and Laos Project, Shenzhen Dameisha Bay Yacht Club Project, Shenzhen Baoneng Group Huizhou Luofushan Tourism Project, Chengdu Wufengxi Scenic Spot Project, etc.