Zhenliang Wang Wang President of Scenic Area Management Company

Expert in the development, preparation and operation of tourist attractions

In 1983, he joined the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Group and participated in the preparation, operation and management of several large-scale tourism projects of the Group. In 2007, he joined ICOM and participated in the preparation and operation management of several 4A/5A-level scenic spots projects in Hubei Wudang Mountain, Henan Laole Mountain, Xinjiang Du's Theme Park, Shandong Qingdao Zama Mountain Resort, and Shandong Yucheng Mei Li World. He has worked as a consultant for the development of tourism projects in Changde, Hunan, Guilin, Guangxi, and Dingnan, Jiangxi. He has extensive experience in the strategic positioning, market positioning and operation of tourism projects.