Hunter YI Chairman

Master of Business Administration
One of the founders of ICOM brand
Vice President of Guangdong Tourism Planning and Marketing Association
Senior planning management expert
Tourism investment capital operation expert
Tourism real estate operation expert

He once worked for Shenzhen Jinxiu China Development Co., Ltd. Familiar with the operation and operation of tourism and real estate enterprises, he has participated in the establishment and certification of the three sets of ISO9000, ISO14000 and OHSMS18000 systems of Jinxiu China; participated in the ten-year planing of the enterprise, the annual budget and final accounts; proficient in the market expansion and finance of tourism enterprises. Management, cost control; familiar with national macroeconomic and industrial policies, industrial investment theory and operational procedures. Understand the characteristics and development trends of domestic and foreign industrial investment, have strong industry analysis and forecasting ability, have keen market insight and comprehensive judgment; have strong investment project analysis and management capabilities, and skillfully write various investment analysis reports. .
Participating in provincial key projects include “Colorful Guizhou City” and “Taiji Lake Eco-Cultural Tourism Zone”. Hosted or participated in the completion of hundreds of projects including provincial and county tourism development planning, regional tourism overall planning and planning, tourism resort planning, global tourism planning, PPP project planning, etc., many of which have been opened.